Meet The Squad

Don’t let the charming, boyish looks fool you – Horror Dance Squad is a group of veterans seasoned in the art of shattering stages.


There’s another side to Ian that most people don’t see during the day--the one that comes out when he is on stage with a microphone in hand. Although he lives to perform, writing lyrics is what got him into music in the first place. The most difficult crowd? The first grade class he teaches.


Loud and energetic. Henri delivers aggressive drumming together with great humbleness. If he is not editing our music videos or doing a new facebook banner, he is most probably somewhere in the center of attention. Also, there is a pretty high chance you might get a ``your mom“ joke when you’re around him.


Deep growls, high screams, Justin Bieber’s tone - this guy has it all. For every mood, for every situation. A hard working guy in the estonian metal scene with social media and design skills in his backpocket. He is pretty laid back for such a screaming guy, but he always has something to surprise you with.


Neon lights, super sour candies and sweep picking – meet Indrek. Horror Dance Squad’s main songwriter. From the outside a tough metalhead, from the inside an adorable doglover. He is the guy for gear discussions regarding guitars, amps, wires, electronics...ah, let’s just end the sentence here.


Some say he has more guitars than he can count. Others say he doesn’t play to a metronome but a metronome plays to him. Time to find out! Chill on the outside, gearhead at heart and you can find him mostly in his home-studio working on the latest auditory face melter.


Margus is a key wizard and a king of mosh, programming the sounds like a hacker on Zoom The Ultimate Energy Pills. He is essentially a motherboard carved out of metal. Ripe for sampling. By day he's a studio geek making commercials, by night a nutter on the stage. And a head-case on a motorcycle in between.